Training Program

Apart from Internal audits and management, we provide advanced training for aspiring accountants with the aim of covering all aspects of routine accounting, taxation, and compliance rules. A team refreshed with modern advancements and relevant tax procurements could be a great contribution to the future of accounting and we intend to create them. By employing a systematic way of learning, we'll prepare the future accountants to be equipped with essential practical knowledge of auditing and management.


At C V Shaju & Company, we offer in-depth and hands-on coaching services for those who dream to become a respected Accountant. While all our training modules are customized as per your needs, we can offer you our expertise in any aspect of Accounting and Auditing that could benefit you on some level. We want to assist you in your transition into the workforce, by giving practical hand-on experience in TAX accounting and bookkeeping.


Our curriculum is structured to promote graduates/students to further expand their academy knowledge via practical application whilst they familiarise and learn the systems and procedures used in accounting firms. As well as the training team receives, they are also given relevant application techniques by a professional recruitment consultant. We render flexible training programs to carve an expert auditor out of you. You will be resolving accounting puzzles from real cases using real clients. Our qualified and experienced instructors will help, support, and boost your progress throughout the professional communication skills training, combining interview skills, written, verbal, and non-verbal communication training. Considering the mostly-demanded requirements of our clients, we render extensive training on auditing and accounting to our client's staff, equipping each employee with the necessary abilities and practical knowledge that is essential for the company’s development and carrying out motivational talks to inspire and direct them toward the organization's goals. Our various training sessions will be conducted conveniently at the Accounting Educational Institution, Accountants Academy.

Our Services

We render a spectrum of services that incorporates Internal Audit & Accountancy support and numerous other consultancy assistance, to deliver positive results to our clients and meet all their requirements.

Thought for the Day

A great man once said Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice. These words are our inspiration. We want to bring a change to this world by sharing our knowledge with those who chase after big dreams.

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